Julie Grant



Julie Grant is a seasoned professional in the insurance industry, boasting a career of over four decades. She began her journey in 1983 at First of Georgia Insurance Company, where she gained valuable experience. Transitioning to State Casualty Insurance in 1992, Julie honed her skills in accounting.

Since 1995, Julie has been an integral part of Sanford, Bruker & Banks, lending her expertise in accounting and receptionist roles. Her strong work ethic and attention to detail have earned her trust and respect within the organization.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Julie finds fulfillment in her personal life. She takes pride in being a loving mother to two daughters, Kristen and Kelly, and adores her two grandchildren. Family is paramount to Julie, and she eagerly anticipates their annual beach trip—a cherished tradition.

In her leisure time Julie enjoys gardening, going to the beach, and bargain shopping.